Our Funds



Who we are

Insitor invests venture capital funding into startups throughout emerging and frontier Asian markets. We invest with the rigor and discipline of a for-profit venture capital fund with the expectation of maximizing social impact, while providing patient and responsible financial returns.

First, we identify promising early-stage businesses that solve critical social issues. Then we provide them with the capital and strategic planning they need to scale their impact. 

Founded in 2009, Insitor has developed an expertise in market intelligence and investment acumen specific to this region. Our extensive experience as entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, and finance professionals enables us to successfully guide executive teams to develop strategies, build operations, and execute business plans.  Located in the regions where we invest, we are committed to working alongside founders and management teams to reach outstanding social and financial results.


Our objective

Insitor’s objective is to contribute to the development of a fair and inclusive marketplace that serves the prevalent unmet needs of low-income communities. 

We help build marketplaces for low-income consumers, producers, and workers in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, affordable housing, financial inclusion, water/sanitation, agriculture, and off-grid energy.  Working locally out of Phnom Penh, Yangon, Delhi, Mumbai, and Lahore, we have a clear understanding of the social, political, and business environment that our portfolio companies operate in.  With this understanding, we strive to be a practical, discerning, and patient pre and post-investment partner to our portfolio companies.


How we invest

Insitor invests in early-stage companies that demonstrate clear competitive advantages and the potential to positively influence their respective industries. 

We select and support pioneering companies whose success will spur the creation of new markets and whose performance will experience a multiplier effect. As our portfolio companies scale, we support their growth by mobilizing significant co-investment and facilitating further rounds of investment.

In order to maximize social and financial returns, we invest across a variety of sectors and countries. We maintain high social and sustainability standards by implementing our thorough environmental, social, and governance (ESG) processes both at the fund and portfolio company levels. Our independent investment and advisory committees monitor our investment activities and provide guidance on the performance and prospects of the Fund.


Where we invest

Insitor makes investments throughout Cambodia, India, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Our team members,  located across these countries, work together to create valuable synergies and share best practices and industry expertise.

Within these countries, Insitor invests in startups that will improve the living standards of the low-income population. 

While international organizations and philanthropic efforts provide valuable resources for the most vulnerable populations, and multinational business target the middle-class, there are still two billion people in the low-income segment in Asia that remain underserved.

This low-income segment is driving demand for clean water, nutritional food, secure shelters, effective education, affordable healthcare, reliable energy sources, and comprehensive financial services.  In an effort to meet this demand, a new generation of privately-owned companies has emerged creating a USD 700 billion market.

Insitor aims to support these companies to grow by providing early-stage financing, managerial expertise, and access to multiple rounds of funding.