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Our portfolio companies have directly reached over 55 million underserved consumers

Inclusivity: We believe that sustainable development builds economies that enable consumers, producers, and workers to operate in efficient and inclusive markets.

Scaled Impact: We are committed to participating in the development of these markets, with the goal of addressing the unmet demand of low-income consumers.

Multiplier Effect: We choose pioneering companies whose success can drive the emergence of new markets and industries, having a multiplier effect on our initial investment.

Ecosystem Growth: Through our investments and engagement in the impact investing ecosystem, we help drive industry growth across the region and set a positive example of how private capital can promote sustainable development and social impact.

Responsible Investing: We are responsible investors and are committed to maintaining high social and sustainability standards.  


2X Flagship: We strive to promote gender equality through our investments and within our Group. We are the first and only Asian flagship fund of the 2X Challenge, a global gender finance initiative to invest in the world’s women.

Impact Principles: In alignment with our mission, we became a Signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management in September 2021. The Impact Principles are a framework developed for investors to consciously and purposefully integrate impact considerations across their investments. Download the Insitor Disclosure Statement and Independent Verification Report here.

SDGs: Our work focuses on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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