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We back entrepreneurs building life-changing solutions for low-income consumers  

Phnom Penh - Cambodia 

We pioneered impact investing in South and Southeast Asia

We are the first impact fund manager to set up operations in Southeast Asia, and a pioneer investor in India and Pakistan. 

We have offices in Phnom Penh, Yangon, Mumbai, Karachi, and Singapore. We work together to create synergies and share best practices and industry expertise.

We focus on the long-term development of the countries where we operate. We maintain a proactive approach to sourcing and invest our time and skills in partnering with founders, incubators, and ecosystem programs.








Low-income customers

We invest in companies that are focused on long-term growth and have the potential to transform their respective industries

Our investments are focused on early-stage companies that have proven economics, a sustainable competitive advantage, and a clear path to profitability. In addition to providing capital, we dedicate our time and expertise to portfolio companies and also incubators and programs within the broader impact ecosystem. 

We seek opportunities in sizable markets, with evidence of M&A activity and acquisition opportunities to ensure a continued path forward for our portfolio companies. We fill a critical funding gap in the market for early stage companies, differentiating ourselves by investing ahead of larger pools of capital and following on through multiple rounds of funding until exit. 

We strive to be the partner of choice for founders. We seek entrepreneurs with high integrity, who are passionate about the problems they are solving and have a clear alignment of interest. We help founders access larger institutional investors for growth capital and/or exits, and leverage technical assistance funds to deploy specialized skills and accelerate scaling.

We adopt a thematic approach to investing, identifying the macro trends that will drive future low-income consumer demand and looking for companies poised to address that demand 

Primary healthcare, affordable medicine, clean water

Sustainable Living

Affordable developments, housing finance, sustainable materials/design, sustainable infrastructure

Economic Growth

Jobtech, up-skilling, agtech, specialized finance

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